Usage Rights and Release Forms

Usage Rights and Release Forms

Usage Rights

The University of Chicago may use still images or motion-picture footage of campus life, events, ceremonies, and other activities to advance the mission of the University. These images or footage may be staff-produced or commissioned and licensed by a freelance photographer or videographer.

Images and footage taken for the University are available for non-commercial use by UChicago staff and faculty. Off-campus media outlets and publications may use images and footage with the University’s approval. Photos should be credited “The University of Chicago/photographer’s name” in all instances.

University photography may not be:

  • Used for commercial gain
  • Sold in part or in total
  • Used as stock photography
  • Digitally altered in a manner that changes its editorial representation

If you have questions regarding the use of UChicago photos or footage, please contact

Release Forms

Photographers do not need to gather photo release forms for persons attending, visiting, or employed at UChicago who are present in public settings. Nor do photographers need to get a signed photo release form for portraits that will be used for editorial purposes only; the subject is considered to be in consent by agreeing to the photo shoot.

It is recommended that photographers get signed model release forms for all individuals who are being photographed for use by the University when the photos may be used for commercial purposes, such as advertising or use on merchandise. For any use, if a subject is a minor under the age of 18, a form must be signed by the child’s parent or guardian and secured before any photography can take place.

General Model Release Form

Model release forms are recommended when individuals are being photographed for any University commercial purposes. This form may not be needed for editorial use of the photos. Also, the form may not be needed for commercial use when showing public events or campus shots that include people, but do not feature any recognizable individuals.

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Minor Model Release Form

Minor model release forms must be obtained when children under 18 years of age are being photographed. This form is required for the University to use the minor’s image in any medium for educational, promotional, or other purposes. Model release forms for minors must be completed by a parent or guardian.

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Permission to Record Form

Permission to record forms must be obtained when people are recorded for University engagements, such as interviews, lectures, and workshops. This form is required for the University to use the recorded content or the featured individual’s image in any medium for educational, editorial, or other purposes.

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