Photographic Style

Photographic Style

The visual identity of the University of Chicago is best captured with photography that reflects a documentary or essay approach. Photos should be dynamic in nature and have a sense of immediacy. They should convey a sense of the moment and present scenes that feel natural rather than contrived. Avoid excessively posed or stiff portrait approaches.

It is important to ensure that the imagery reinforces and complements the tone and content of the project. Keep in mind that it should also reflect UChicago’s distinct brand identity and core values.

The following questions should help you determine the quality and relevance of the images you’re selecting for your projects:


  • Do the features in the photo make the setting distinctive when compared to a similar setting at a peer institution?
  • Does the proportion of elements in the photo help guide the viewer’s eye through the story?
  • Does the image capture elegantly simple or highly detailed viewpoints?
  • Does the image tell a story from a visually distinct perspective?


  • Are the subjects engaging with their setting or with each other in a way that helps to convey your message?
  • Is the setting relevant to the story you’re trying to tell?
  • Does the image convey your message in an authentic way?
  • Does the image reflect the University’s distinctive culture?


  • How does the lighting contribute to the image’s overall meaning?
  • Does the image reflect the University’s vibrant character?
  • Does the image convey the University community’s unique personality, energy, and sense of humor?


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