Our official full name: The University of Chicago

Wherever possible we prefer to use the full name of the University: The University of Chicago.

“The” is capitalized when the phrase stands alone, but not if it appears in the middle of a sentence. (e.g., “Students attending the University of Chicago participate in more than 350 student organizations.”)

University with a capital “U” is an acceptable second reference for internal documents and documents in which the context is clear, i.e., the content is entirely about the University of Chicago. If the document is long, it is good to go back and reference the full name (the University of Chicago) from time to time.

Our official informal name: UChicago

UChicago, which derives from the University’s URL,, is the preferred second reference. One should, however, keep in mind the tone and formality of the material in which it appears. If the material is very formal, it may be better to use the full name of the University. UChicago can be the first reference or can stand alone in some usages, such as in social media, admissions recruitment materials, and T-shirts.

Using “Chicago”

“Chicago” is an acceptable second reference in limited situations where the context makes it clear we are talking about the University and not the city. Examples include “Chicago Booth” and the “Chicago School of Economics.” We may also refer to the University as “Chicago” when used in a list of peer institutions, since it’s clear the context is higher education: Harvard, Stanford, Chicago, Penn. “Chicago” as a reference for the University should never stand alone, such as on a T-shirt.

Social media abbreviation: UChi

In social media platforms, UChi is an acceptable abbreviation when UChicago won’t fit due to character constraints. Example: The Twitter handle for the Neubauer Collegium for Culture and Society is @UChiCollegium.

Incorrect: “U of C” and “UC”

“U of C” or “UC” are not acceptable abbreviations in University communications. Both are used by other institutions, and as a global university it is important that we be clear and distinctive in our nomenclature. We recognize that habits change slowly and some people may continue using these abbreviations in conversation. However, we should not reinforce those habits by using these abbreviations in our official communications.


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