Logo Application

Logo Application

Sizing and placement suggestions for the University logo provide guidance on how to use the logo once you’ve added it to your communications. Many variables will determine how one uses the logo. In most instances the logo should appear as a “badge of authenticity” or an “approved signature.” It should also be seen clearly but does not need to be the focal point. Headlines, text, photography, and media platform all play a factor in how and where the logo will appear.

The University of Chicago name must appear on all websites and other digital communications and must be visible upon opening the site or document. In cases where a department or unit has its own identity, the footer is an acceptable location for the logo, but the University’s name should be visible in the header or, at minimum, in running text.


The logo should appear at roughly 1/3 of the width of the page/space on which it appears. For narrow widths, 1/2 of the width is acceptable. For extended widths, 1/4 of the width is acceptable. Exceptions to this occur when the logo is the only artwork used, such as on the University website header, table drapes, banners, premiums, or projections.


By using the University logo (along with other graphic elements), communications representing many different areas are easily recognized as from the University of Chicago. This allows entities to leverage the reputation of the University and strengthens UChicago’s reputation and awareness among many audiences.


Instantly download the logo, shield, and other visual elements.

Identity Guidelines Book

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Download the Identity Guidelines PDF.

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Find an array of UChicago new media sites, as well as contact information for their owners, in the Social Media Directory.

Create targeted communications campaigns and digital platforms.

Work with UChicago Creative’s team of designers, writers, and producers to develop compelling materials and comprehensive multimedia campaigns.

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Book the TV studio for broadcast interviews.

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Align the look and language of your communications with those of the University.

Find best practices for the use of our logo, typeface, color palette, and editorial style within our visual identity.

Build and refine social media sites using our social media guide, and find web writing tips in Web Services’ multimedia content guidelines.

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Present a uniform look with University of Chicago business cards and stationery for your department, office, or position.

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